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How to Create an EAN Barcode

How to Create an EAN Barcode

What’s an EAN (European Article Number)?

An EAN Barcode Number is a 13-digit number that is unique, buy a barcode online and can identify every product sold across Europe. You could easily find them on the packaging of an item, or when you are purchasing online on an ecommerce website.

The EAN barcode is a worldwide standard (ISO/IEC 15418) that was first introduced to ease the process of finding products across countries and languages. The barcode is used by suppliers and manufacturers to find products that are for sale or distribution.

How to Create an EAN Barcode

An EAN-13 barcode is used to identify retail products. Usually placed on the label of a product, consisting of 12-digits organised in 3 different sets: 6 digits followed by 3 digits followed by 3 digits. The first set is used to identify the manufacturer or retailer that is responsible for introducing these products to the marketplace. Each subsequent set is then used to identify the product or item type and its position on a package.

Creating an EAN barcode label in Microsoft Word is simple. The first step is, you need to open up Microsoft Word and create a document. Next, type the data for your label starting with the name of your company. The following line should have all of the relative contact information such as phone number, address, and website URL. After that, enter in the barcode number that will go beneath your barcode

Why do you need a GS1 unique barcode?

GS1 unique barcode is a number that consists of 12 digits. Which allows businesses to identify products within their inventory. It’s the most widely used system to identify items in the world and it is a necessity for global commerce.

GS1 unique barcodes are vital because they assist in identifying products and provide data about them to customers. They also make it more simple for companies to keep track of order, shipments and stock levels.

What is a Barcode Scanner and Why Do You Need One?

A barcode scanner is a little machine that is used to scan barcodes and identify the digits and letters that are embedded in them. This machine can be useful for multiple types of scanning, but it’s mainly used for scanning products when you are out shopping.

A barcode scanner operates by sending out a signal to the unique EAN barcode and then it calculates the time in which it takes for the signal to come back. The amount of bars in the code determines the number of times this process has to be done before the barcode can be read. Barcode scanners have been around since 1973. However, it wasn’t until 1980 that they were introduced into retail stores. If you are looking to buy EAN barcodes you can do that right here at

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