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Are these barcodes for Amazon?

Will these barcodes work for Amazon? The short answer, yes. They are 100% valid barcodes and will work on Amazon. In fact, most of our customers use them for Amazon. 


These barcodes are perfectly valid and you have 100% guarantee with BarcodeMarket that they will work. If they don’t work simply contact us. We can help you, as most of the time we found that the buyer isn’t doing something correct on the Amazon listing and errors can come up. We at Barcode Market are extremely familiar with Amazon seller central and uploading listings onto their. 


Most new sellers often struggle to grasp the concept of barcodes and why you need them. It is just required by Amazon as they have an incredibly large database of products on their website. So they need these barcode numbers to organise their database. For this reason if anyone adds products to the Amazon database then they would want the listing to require the exact information that they require. They have to do this to in order for Amazon to keep their database organised. 


Background on Amazon GTINs

Selecting Products and customer satisfaction are crucial to Amazon’s great success. Providing high industry levels and product barcodes for their product listings. Sellers or businesses can increase the quality of the Amazon product database entirely. Pushing confidence in the variety of products listed in the Amazon product database ensures a superior experience for buyers.

The majority of categories require individuals or businesses who sell on Amazon to use a barcode such as UPC or EAN to create new product pages and listings on Amazon. If you are using GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) specifically then this is required for product page creation and will match product variables by category. Although EANs or UPCs are the most commonly used amongst all Amazon sellers. There are requirements of each product category, including exceptions and exemptions where applicable. All that are in the table on the Overview of Category Requirements for Product IDs page.

Using the correct barcodes to create new product pages is an instrumental element of enforcing a high-quality customer experience. Using standard barcode numbers also makes it simpler for other businesses or individual sellers to make relevant data contributions to product listings and pages.

Guidelines for UPC and GTIN

Product Categories require everyone who lists on Amazon to use a Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN). Such as an EAN Barcode or a UPC Barcode:

  • The majority of categories require Amazon sellers to use a Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN), such as an EAN barcode, a UPC code, EAN numbers or an ISBN as an item identifier. Whenever creating a new product or matching up with existing products in the Amazon marketplace.
  • All Amazon sellers must correctly use the barcode for the product they’re listing. Using a fake UPC or EAN barcode number by a seller is against Amazon’s seller policies which can then result in the termination of your account. So make sure you purchase barcodes from a trusted UPC EAN Barcode seller such as Barcode Market.
  • For companies that don’t have verifiable UPC EAN barcodes. Amazon sellers can then request an EAN/UPC exemption. In order to qualify for these exceptions may differ across categories or for the specific types of products that share the same category.
  • Certain categories have the capability of sellers to list products that don’t have product barcodes. These can include but are not limited to rare or collectible items, published information or manufacturing models and part numbers can be accepted. Instead of an ISBN or EAN/UPC barcode.
  • Certain products aren’t permitted on the Amazon marketplace under any circumstance.They have Restricted Products which can be harmful and dangerous to the public. .

Buy Valid UPC Numbers

Amazon has the right to verify the authenticity of UPC barcodes and EAN numbers by checking the GS1 database. However, not all barcodes are stored on this database as large amounts of barcodes. These were in existence before the establishment of this organisation. We recommend buying barcodes directly from a trusted seller such as Barcode Market or GS1 to be protected from your account getting terminated. Make sure you buy valid UPC numbers whenever you do. 

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