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How to Make High Quality Listings on Amazon

As an Amazon seller you might be wondering why your barcodes aren’t taking off. Why are my listings not selling? Well there’s a reason. We will go through all of them from making a catchy product title or to see if your listing is even live. You will need to buy barcodes if you have run out and check if your Amazon listing is suppressed.


So once you have bought your product you want to list you will need buy ean barcodes online. Once you have done that you are ready to make your listing. Once you have entered your product settings and have entered your UPC/EAN barcode numbers then you will see the section where you enter your product title.

No it is important to not make your title as simple and easy for the customer as possible. Try and not your brand name at the beginning because this will waste the customers time who wants to see if your product is what they want. Keep in mind that people are quickly flicking through the Amazon pages to find their desired product. So make it easy for them.

If you are selling a blue medium sized hoody then your title should be “Blue medium hoodie – Brand”. Don’t put “Amazing blue hoodie cheap brand new medium quick delivery” because nobody will read the whole thing. People tend to skip the reading, so you need to make it as simple as possible.

You do not need to make the description as long as possible to persuade the customer. That is what your description and images are for.


IMAGES, IMAGES, IMAGES! The most important part of your listing is in fact your product IMAGES. It is the first and last thing people look at when purchasing a product. Once you’ve sourced a product, then you need to buy upc codes that match your product as it’s important buy ean barcodes online that can match your product. Then what you need to do is make sure your product images are high quality, very crisp and look beautiful. Now amazon requires all images to have plain white backgrounds because if you don’t your product may be suppressed and not be shown when searched. If you have pictures but don’t know how to give it a white background then you may have to go to a graphic designer for background image removal services. NoBound Design is a well known graphic design agency who only charge a few dollars for this service.


The reason you want amazing looking product images is because that’s all your customer has to go for. They can’t physically see your product and have a look around but only have the images to go for. The good news is sometimes images can look better on the computer than they do in real life. Have you ever bought a product and then when it arrives you think this doesn’t look as good as it did online? That’s because it does look better online than in real life. This is the magic of photography and image editing. If you don’t have product images then you should think about hiring a professional photographer. You might think you don’t want to spend the money but if you see it as a an investment instead of rather than a cost as a beautifully looking product images can increase your sales conversion drastically.

I cannot stress the importance of great looking product images. It is without a doubt the most important part of your Amazon product listing. Make sure you do it right!


Once you have someone looking into your listing and they are interested they will go straight to your description section after checking your images. Be sure to describe your products as much as possible. Try and enter as much information instead of persuasive language. Let the customer know exactly what they are buying. Make sure you buy barcodes that are valid to avoid your listing being taken down.

When writing descriptions you have to think of questions your potential customers may ask. Once you know these try and answer these questions within your description. This will in turn convince your customer to make the purchase of your product.

Another important aspect of a successful Amazon listing is to make sure you SPELL CORRECTLY. Nothing looks unprofessional like a misspelt product description that doesn’t make sense. So make sure you read over your description more than one time to make sure every word is spelt correctly and it all makes sense. The worst thing you can do is have a beautiful looking listing and your product description is all confusing and does the opposite of convincing your potential buyer.

Listing live?

Once you’ve submitted the listing you may find your listing is violating some or missing some listing information which would automatically set off a trigger where your listing would be suppressed automatically. This is why you should keep checking your inventory to make sure your listings aren’t suppressed. If you noticed your listings are suppressed then you need to click into it and check why it is being suppressed and whatever the reason is then you need to resolve the issue.

There is no point spending all the time, money and effort when your listing is suppressed. Your listing will not be seen by anyone which will then mean no sales and orders.

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