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3 Steps to Succeed on Amazon

  1. Buy Box

If you don’t know what the Amazon buy box is well now is the time to learn! It is probably the most important factor to look for as an Amazon seller. The buy box is the section on an Amazon product page that shows the price and sold by whatever your store name is. Sometimes there can be many sellers on a listing and everyone will be competing to show up as the main seller. So with only one buy box per item, you will see yourself in competition with a number of other retailers all fighting to be number 1. To become number one you have to meet Amazons strict criteria. What you have to do to be number one buy box:

  • A competitive price
  • A positive customer feedback metric
  • Fast delivery times
  • Decent amount of inventory
  • Low refund and return rates

If you are a new seller building up some of these aspects will ofcourse take time to build up. Focusing your business around these aspects will be good for business and will set you up well in the future. They’ll obviously help you win the buy box but also help you be a great amazon seller.

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2. Go Global

Amazon is making it’s mark around the world with marketplaces in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, Japan, China and more. Did you know the worldwide retail ecommerce sales in 2021 totalled upto $4.5 trillion !!!!! – Selling internationally has got to be an option for you because there is just too much money to be made.

You could do this by using Amazon global selling. This program allows your Amazon product listings to be placed on these international Amazon marketplaces. It’s extremely easy, Amazon even translates these listings for you and converts to the relative currency. The only thing you need to take into account is the international shipping which could total upto to quite a bit.

If you sell on these international marketplaces you will need to buy international barcodes. You need to make sure you buy EAN barcodes for Amazon

3. Competitive prices

Whenever you’re listing a product after using our UPC barcodes for Amazon, you’ll find yourself in heavy competition with 100s of similar sellers to you either selling the exact same product or something very similar. The only thing you can do is have a better looking listing and beat them at price.

When it comes to good looking listing it mainly revolves around your images. You can always go to a graphic designer for a photo retouching service UK and get your images edited and looking immaculate.

So when it comes to pricing the competition can get so heavy the profit margin is literally pennies. So it’s best you do your proper research and not compete at that level. After all, we’re all looking to make money right?

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